Your Ergonomic Product Showroom
      In my experience, people want to FEEL the different types of ergonomic equipment available, so I opened a showroom in San Carlos with evening and weekend hours for your convenience. People always ask, “How will I know how to choose a chair?” and I explain that it is like trying on shoes. The store may have 100 pairs in your size, but you’ll walk out with ones that already feel like “yours.”  Over my many years in the industry, I have seen this process occur time and again.  I work with your stature, your physical challenges and your existing desk set-up to get you as comfortable as is possible then we determine if products are needed to accomplish optimal comfort and positioning. I will ask key questions to determine the brands and models that best suit you, your space and your aesthetics.
      My Silicon Valley showroom features office chairs and ergonomic products that I have recommended successfully over many years.  I pick the “best” functioning products from a variety of proven brands known for their reliability and adjustability.  Once we get you all set up, I’ll bring over my mirror on wheels and show you what great posture looks like for YOU!  This showroom is beautiful and functional and open for your convenience.
     All that said, corporate customers know that I am happy to bring samples to your location so that we can establish seating standards or fit that person who needs something a bit different from your existing chairs and ergo products.